Nepalmed is a German non-governmental organization (NGO) with more than 300 members throughout Europe (per October 2010). Our organization Nepalmed was founded in the year of 2000 in Grimma, Saxony (Germany) with 13 members back then. According to German law we are a recognized charity organisation (latest renewal 05.11.2014). That is what “e.V.” stands for.

Our members share the opinion of the necessity of sharing our wealth, our knowledge and resources with people in countries without these privileges. We do this by supporting Nepalese activities in the field of health care, especially in financing infrastructure and continuing education of medical personnel of the Amppipal Hospital and sending medical personnel from other countries to Nepal. statute of Nepalmed e.V.

the Nepalmed board:                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Dr. Arne Drews, chairman, respiratory physician
Mrs. Christine Drews, vice-chairman, paediatric nurse

Dr. Florian Drews, responsible for KMH, gynaecologist

Mr. Ole Hensel, general project coordination, physician and information technologist

Dr. Birgit Kirsch, responsible for Amppipal Hospital, surgeon
Ms. Alena Kuhlmann, Public Relations, junior doctor
Ms. Gerda Matzel, responsible for Kirtipur Hospital, internist
Dr. Rüdiger Wenzel, general project coordination, physician

the Nepalmed office:

Mrs. Silke Drews, accounting
Mrs. Burga Marx, responsible for students exchange
Mrs. Katrin Meyer, responsible for membership campaign
Mr. Frank Winkler, cashier supervisor

Everyone works voluntarily and all donations and “profits” go directly into our projects. Mrs. Marx receives as the only person of us an hour-based compensation for the immense work with the students. The board meets three times a year (in January in Augustusburg, in June in Grimma and in October at Weimar). In the first week of June every year we hold a meeting of members in Grimma. All members, friends and donors receive information letters twice a year. All information about our organization and our projects are presented on our websites.

membership fees per year:                                                                                                                                                                                                Here comes a list with the various fees of membership options: single person fee = 30 Euro, reduced fee (for students) = 15 Euro, double/family fee = 40 Euro, firm fee = 100 Euro.

You can join our organization and become a member by writing to our contact address or by downloading our application form (pdf-file).

transparency:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      According to the German initiative "Transparent Civil Society" our organization Nepalmed e.V. feels obliged to follow their guidelines in operating our NGO seriously, openly and transparent.