news in chronological order

september 2016 - health insurance: The Nepalese government is going to introduce health insurance. They have chosen
the Gorkha district and our hospital in Amppipal as a service provider. For five members of a family, the premium is
NRP 2.500 per year and NRP 425 per additional members. They pay up to NRP 50.000 per year per family and above
that patient has to pay. At present they are checking infrastructure, medical devices and skilled manpower. The project
is going to start in may 2017.

august 2016 - calendar: The new Nepal Calendar 2017 is available. Photos, text and design by Dr. Ruediger Wenzel,
price: 15 EUR plus shipping, order via email:

july 2016 - mountain film festival: we submitted our earthquake documentary “In the Land of Tents” to the biggest British
mountain film festival in Kendal/Cumbria, 17-20 Nov 2016.

june 2016 - water pipes for Sindhuphalchok: an initiative from Sipaghat Health Post’s Dr. Komal and Kathmandu
business man Suraj Shrestha construct wells and water pipes to distant villages. The farmers were desparate
because of dry water sources and wanted to relocate entire villages. Nepalmed Germany finances the construction
for the village of Sipa Pokhare with 58 houses and 560 inhabitants.

june 2016 - Gorkha Hospital: Nepalese daily newspaper "República" from 05th of June 2016: due to a fire in the
generator room the pharmacy is closed for days to weeks leading to unrest amongst the population.
The patients do not understand the low standard of maintenance and the low work ethic of the personnel.

june 2016 - Amppipal Hospital: severe rainfall made a supporting stone wall of the parking space slip downhill and
damaged the laundry. Now, steel and concrete is needed to replace the old wall and secure the slope.

june 2016 - CT in Kirtipur Hospital: Nepalmed and Aktion Medeor sponsored a computed tomography device.
Now the first patient has been investigated, a mile stone in the development of the hospital.

may 2016 - Kirtipur Hospital: the children’s ward gets colourful chairs.

may 2016 - Makwanpur: friends of K.P. Maskey hand over 250 school uniforms to poor children from the Chepang tribe.
Women also get bricket machines. They can sell the product to hotels and restaurants.

may 2016 - road construction to Amppipal: the communities on the way to the hospital agree to upgrade the road with all-year
passable material. Nepalmed invests 3 Mio. NRP.

april 2016 - Amppipal Hospital: demolition of the damaged out-patient department starts. Reconstruction is financed by JICA.

april 2016 - Nepal Day in Cologne: the new Charge de Affair of the Nepalese embassy is introduced. Ole Hensel presents
the new Gorkha heritage trek. Arne Drews talks about priorities in reconstruction of health facilities. A. Drews is new editor
for health care of “Nepal-I”.

march 2016 - hiking trail: a new hiking trail is been supported by Nepalmed. Please finde more information here: pdf-file

february 2016 - moving: the entire northern part of Amppipal Hospital containing the out-patient department moved to other parts
of the hospital. Now the old and damaged building is torn down and rebuilt.

february 2016 - construction: Construction work for the new nurses’ living quarter in Amppipal is in full swing.

february 2016 - OT-equipment ordered: for Amppipal we ordered a new orthopedic OT-table, instruments and a big autoclave for
those new instruments.

february 2016 - Karl-Storz-Endoscopy in Kirtipur: Gerda Matzel handed over the new colonoscopy and taught the doctors and
nurses. For separate operation of hysteroscopy a new light source, monitor and other parts have been ordered.

february 2016 - border dispute: the embargo by India is still in effect. The shortage of fuel and medicine is palpable for the

january 2016 - Langtang National Park: 300 winter blankets are distributed to the farmers in the destroyed villages after
a call for support due to unusually cold weather.

january 2016 - health post equipped: in the earthquake the health post in Sipaghat, district Sindhupalchok, was damaged.
We now sponsored a diesel generator, lab devices and medical equipment. The health post will resume work in february 2016.

december 2015 - new equipment: German manufacturer Karl Storz donates the equipment for gynecologic endoscopy for the
Kirtipur Hospital.

december 2015 - new houses: first houses in the village of Phera in district Solu are reconstructed, right in time before winter
starts, thanks to donations of Fabien Matthias.

december 2015 - x-ray for Gorkha Hospital: Nepalmed finances the new Siemens x-ray and digital imaging for the destroyed
Gorkha Hospital.

december 2015 - Amppipal Hospital: construction works start to reerect the out-patient department.

december 2015 - events: numerous charity events take place all over Germany. The calender 2016 is sold out, our documentary-
DVD as well as our short story book are loved. Nepalmed issues a „Thanks!“-book (in German only) thanking all supporters and
showing all projects of the past 15 years.

november 2015 - end of employment: Gynecologist von Oertzen terminates her time in Amppipal. Doctors will be sent by Patan
Academy of Health Sciences, Nepalmed and German Rotary Voluntary Doctors. Dr. Birgit Kirsch held two courses for vascular

november 2015 - sister organization: The nepalese sister-organization Nepalmed Nepal is registered with the Social Welfare
Council. Chairman is Babu Ram Giri of Amppipal.

november 2015 - politics: Political tensions with India following the election of new nepalese prime minister Oli in mid-october
lead to months-long blockades of fuel transports by India. The roads in Nepal are empty, household and restaurant can not cook
anymore, no taxis, no flights, no emergency lights in hospitals.

october 2015 - foundation: Laying of the foundation stone for nurse’s quarter (financed bei genialsozial via Nepalmed) and
handing over of the new 4-wheel-drive transport vehicle for patients to Amppipal Hospital by Arne Drews and nepalese consul in
Germany Ram Thapa. Due to larger destructions considerably higher investments have to be done into reconstruction of hospital
buildings. American Nepal Medical Foundation finances a new pharmacy and storage room. Japanese JICA rebuilds the
out-patient department. Patan Academy of Health Sciences finances a new residential building for doctors.

october 2015 - film festival: Our documentary „In the land of tents“ screens at this biggest film festival at Tegernsee.
Soon it will be available on DVD.

october 2015 - working in Nepal: Several board members and supporters travel to Nepal. Birgit Kirsch hands over donations
for the destroyed village of Phera in Solu. Arne Drews visits Gorkha and Lamjung districts with consul Ram Thapa to plan the
reconstruction of medical facilities. Ole Hensel plans future trekking paths through the cultural heart land of Nepal around
Mt. Liglig in Gorkha.

september 2015 - festival: Arne and Silke Drews are invited to castle Bellevue in Berlin to join the citizen’s festival of the federal
president of Germany. They hand over our short story book „Ligligkot and back“ to president Mr. Gauck and Mrs. Schadt.

Arne & Silke Drews at the citizen's festival of the federal president of Germany

august 2015 - film festival: The film festival at quarry Gaudlitzberg near Leipzig showed our documentary by Peter-Hugo Scholz
and Olaf Kreiss about medical aid during the earth quake in a short version.

august 2015 - local situation: Land slides during the monsoon season pose a big threat to the villages in the earth quake region.
Reconstruction is presently impossible.

july 2015 - x-ray: Nepalmed extends the x-ray department for Kirtipur Hospital: the new digital x-ray imaging is working.
The room for the new stronger x-ray generator is under construction. The small mobile x-ray for emergencies on the wards
is delivered. The rooms for the computed tomography are under construction too.

june 2015 - KMH: the hospital is operating as usual - surgeries, procedures, out patient care, indoor care, emergency care,
laboratories, registration etc. at same place as before the earthquake.

may 2015 - damage at the hospitals: the many aftershocks left a lot of damage at our partners‘ hospitals. In Amppipal one living
quarter is destroyed, the upper floor of the office building can not be used anymore and one side building collapsed.

may 2015 - new earthquake: Nepal has been today (12-05-15) shaked again by a heavy earthquake.

may 2015 - action plans: Nepalmed has created action plans for our partner hospitals at Nepal that lists all needed immediate as
well as medium term activities for helping those facilities. Here comes the actions plans for your information:

 action plan - Ammpipal Hospitalaction plan - KMH & Kirtipur Hospital

may 2015 - reports: Nepalmed informs daily about the situation at Nepal and about the local development at the partner hospitals at
Nepal. Here comes the reports for your information:

 report - 26-04-15 report - 02-05-15 report - 21-05-15
 report - 27-04-15 report - 03-05-15 report - 25-05-15
 report - 28-04-15 report - 04-05-15 report - 27-05-15
 report - 01-05-15 report - 12-05-15 

april 2015 - charity concert: Nepalmed decided to transfer 10.000 Euro to Kirtipur Hospital in the valley of Kathmandu for the treatment of
emergency cases. Kathmandu Model Hospital transfers all operations and other treatment to Kirtipur due to lack of capacity in the city
center of Kathmandu. Kirtipur has 200 beds, opened in 2013 and is led by Nepalese non-profit organization PHECT. The big problem of
Kirtipur Hospital is the very old x-ray. We want to replace it with a modern digital device (Siemens Mobil 10, Agfa digital scanner and
printer, cost: approx. 27.000 Euro). That is what we now collect donations for. Nepalmed has organized a charity organ concert on Sunday,
the 10th of May 2015 at 5 o'clock pm at the main church in Grimma (Frauenkirche, Lange Strasse). Tobias Nikolaus will play the organ.

april 2015 - earthquake: the severe earthquake in Nepal left only minor damages at Amppipal Hospital. The big hospitals in the valley of
Kathmandu are working. We know of Bir Hospital, Patan, Model and Sankhu. Due to the present natural catastrophe we are not sending
any students into our partner hospitals in Nepal.

march 2015 - endoscopy unit at Kirtipur Hospital: The unit is all set up and running. Gerda Matzel, German endoscopy trainer, teaches
here since August 2014. Nepalmed, Karl Storz Germany, Share Happiness Foundation Munich and Medicine in the third world Berlin
donated the equipment consisting of everything needed: gastroscopes and related equipment, repairs of colonoscopes, stretches,
cupboards, computer, power stabilizer and diagnostic ultrasound machine.

february 2015 - studies in Amppipal: three Swedish medical students from Gothenburg university start public health surveys around
Amppipal Hospital in co-operation with Patan Academy of Health Sciences.

february 2015 - article: local newspaper "Leipziger Volkszeitung" publishes a full-size article about Nepalmed and its various activities.
article as pdf-file

february 2015 - new dental unit: with donations from the Kempten circle around family Gries and Gertrud Reske the broken dental unit
at Amppipal Hospital is replaced.

january 2015 - vaccination: Silke, Arne and Mathilda Drews were invited to Berlin to join the GAVI conference (world-wide alliance for
vaccination) under the German G7 presidency. Around 7 billion US Dollar have been donated to immunize another 300 million children
within the next 5 years against a wide range of germs.

january 2015 - winner of youth solidarity action: Nepalmed is the winner at the biggest fund raising event of the Saxonian youth solidarity
action "genialsozial". Now we can replace the old ambulance jeep and extend the old children’s and male wards in Amppipal.

november 2014 - doctor for Amppipal: German gynaecologist Christa von Oertzen starts her 3-year-placement in Amppipal Hospital,
sponsored jointly by German development organization AGEH and Nepalmed. She gained extensive experience in development
co-operation during her nearly 30 years in Africa.

september 2014 - endoscopy in Kirtipur: Dr. Gerda Matzel starts setting up an endoscopy and diagnostic ultrasound unit in Kirtipur
Hospital from august 2014 until march 2015. German manufacturer "Karl Storz" donated new equipment. Thank you very much!

september 2014 - promotion: our board member Sylvia Schönfelder finished her thesis about mother and child health in the region
around Amppipal Hospital successfully at Technical University Dresden. Mentor is Prof. Dr. Kugler of the Institute for Public Health.

august 2014 - award: the highest German civilian award "Bundesverdienstorden" has been awarded to Dr. Wolfhard Starke to honor his
long years of voluntary work for Amppipal Hospital. Congratulations!

from left to right: Dr. A. Drews - Nepalmed, Mr. Stickeln - mayor of Warburg, Dr. W. Starke, Mr. Spieker - chief district officer of Höxter

august 2014 - calendar: member of Nepalmed surgeon Dr. R. Wenzel from Parchim again designed a calendar for 2015 with photos
from Nepal. It can be purchased for 10 Euro. All revenues go directly into our projects.

july 2014 - lung function teaching: Arne and Silke Drews held Part 2 of the spirometry training programme according to the European
Respiratory Society in Kirtipur Hospital. All 4 participants passed the practical assessment.

july 2014 - x-ray: the new Siemens x-ray tube starts operating in Amppipal. It is a donation of Rotary Clubs Korbach and Bad Arolsen.
Thank you very much! Digital x-ray processing, donated by Nepalmed, runs already since january 2014.

april 2014 - doctor for Amppipal: the decision about the placement of a new German doctor for Amppipal hospital has been made.
Within the next three years the local surgeons shall be enabled to independently run the hospital.

march 2014 - study: a Nepalmed survey at Amppipal Hospital shows a very low number of patients with stomach bacteria Helicobacter
pylori. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Schiefke of St. Georg Hospital Leipzig for counselling and Elisabeth Böhm and Dr. Dagmar Keller collecting
the data.

march 2014 - visitor from Nepal: anesthetic nurse Ram Chandra Dhakal comes to Germany for 6 weeks of practical training. He will
learn in Berlin, Grimma, Itzehoe (where he will stay most of the time), Parchim and Ludwigsfelde.

february 2014 - renovation: renovation of all staff quarters of Amppipal Hospitals starts (8 buildings!). All wooden windows need repair.
All toilets, showers and kitchens need renewal. All ceiling and walls have to be made rat-proof.

january 2014 - x-ray: in Amppipal the digital x-ray processing of Siemens starts, sponsored by Nepalmed.

december 2013 - lung function training: A. and S. Drews, I. Steenbruggen and M. Geerts (both from The Netherlands) held the first
lung function training course world wide according to the European Respiratory Society at Kirtipur Hospital. The 19 nepalese
participants very much enjoyed the practical way of teaching and the friendly professional atmosphere.

december 2013 - all terrain vehicle: Nepalmed donates a new four-wheel-drive transport vehicle for Amppipal.

june 2013 - article: in the June issue of „Breathe“ an article by Dr. Arne Drews about spirometry training in Nepal is being published.
article as pdf-file

may 2013 - nursing school: Schoeck family foundation donates for the reopening of a nursing school at Amppipal Hospital.

februay 2013 - documentary movie: the film about Nepalmed is ready. It is available on DVD in English, German and Nepalese